Lost Water

If everything is lost, memories remain.

(TBA 2023)

Genre: Animation, Short

Production: July - August 2023

Status: Post-Production

Release: TBA August 2023

Language: English


Voice Over by Sam DeMott.

Sam DeMott is an international actress who lives currently in London (UK). 


Music by Reno Rivai and Veronica Bellova

Written and Produced by Stephanie Ruß.


Length: 4:15 minutes


The viking warrior Freya left her homeland to marry into a rich desert kingdom after a tragedy lost of the love of her life. 

After the desert kingdom fall apart and the water disapears she remember her past and her love and returns home into the green magical forests of her home. 


Genre: Animation, Kurzfilm

Produktion: Juli - August 2023

Status: Postproduktion

Veröffentlichung: TBA August 2023

Sprache Englisch


Voice-Over von Sam DeMott.

Sam DeMott ist eine internationale Schauspielerin, die derzeit in London (Großbritannien) lebt.


Musik von Reno Rivai und Veronica Bellova

Geschrieben und produziert von Stephanie Ruß.


Länge: 4:15 Minuten


Die Wikingerkriegerin Freya verließ ihre Heimat, um in ein reiches Wüstenkönigreich einzuheiraten, nachdem sie in einer Tragödie die Liebe ihres Lebens verloren hatte. Nachdem das Wüstenkönigreich auseinanderfällt und das Wasser verschwindet, erinnert sie sich an ihre Vergangenheit 

Trailer - Lost Water

Meet the team

Sam DeMott

Voice Actress as Freya

An american actress with heart and fire brings the character alive with her unique and emotional style.

Stephanie Ruß

Production, Writer.

Storyteller with heart and soul. She brings an idea through emotions, organization and drive to the finish line and creates hearthbreaking storys.

Reno Rivai

A talented and passionated composer and musician who creates amazing piece of art. We are gratefull that we can present his music within our work and warmly recomment to check his work on spotlight & co.

Veronika Bellova

Singer and actress.

This beautiful woman created together with Reno beautiful songs and music and it is always a pleasure to work with her!

Fun Theory

"Water reacts to signals from its environment. Water stores this information - like a memory and also remembers the events and signal effects at a later point in time."


Even if science has not been able to provide any evidence for this, a large number of people still believe in this theory.




To be continued....

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